Call for Proposals 2014

Call for Proposals

Mapping W&M Project

The Mapping W&M Project Committee is currently accepting grant proposals from William & Mary faculty and professional staff to support the production, documentation, and presentation of media-rich international projects featuring student learning, research, and community involvement. This grant is specifically intended for student research projects abroad for incorporation into the William & Mary Mapping Project. The Mapping W&M project is funded as part of the International Advisory Committee’s (IAC) Internationalization Fund Initiative for a period of three years. This will be the second year for which the Mapping W&M project will be issuing grants to faculty and professional staff, and is designed to cover projects with an active field season commencing between the (academic) Spring of 2014 to the start of the Spring semester of 2015. Special consideration will be given to projects taking place in regions currently less represented by current William & Mary study abroad programs.

The Mapping W&M project was created to provide the infrastructure, support, funding, and expertise to help faculty and students across all of William and Mary’s Schools, to produce compelling multimedia research projects, and to showcase those projects in a centralized website. The Mapping W&M Website is currently viewable at

The purpose of these specific grants is to aid the incorporation of multimedia/geospatial components into student study abroad projects for presentation in the Mapping W&M website. Based on both the type of support requested and the Committee’s ranking of the proposal, three types of grants will be provided:

Technical Support Grant: Award recipients will receive pre-travel technical consulting services and student and faculty training related to media-rich production and post-production support in “publishing” their materials to the Mapping W&M website.
Basic Grant: In addition to the above, a $1,000 grant will be issued in support of a specific project to be incorporated into the Mapping W&M website. Grant funds may be used as either a salary stipend for the primary researcher/instructor to offset the effort of incorporation and production for the Mapping W&M Project, or used to offset general travel or field research costs.
Enhanced Grant: In addition to the above, projects will be awarded a grant to engage a multimedia/technology specialist in the field. This portion of the grant will cover the travel costs for a W&M multimedia/technology specialist to join your group in the field and assist with general technical issues specific to your project as well as aid student/faculty in the capture, post-production and “publishing” of media-rich research material. The total funding for in-field support is not to exceed $4,500.

For the period mentioned above we expect to issue at least three (3), but ideally more, Technical Support Grants, two (2) Basic Grants, and one (1) Enhanced Grant based on the assessment of applications by the Mapping W&M Project Committee.

Grant Application Process

Proposals should be no longer than five pages and can be submitted directly as a PDF document via email to Pablo Yañez ( or Michael Blum ( by 5pm, January 31, 2014. Please include all of the following information in your proposal:

  • Project title
  • Project abstract
  • Preferred type of grant you are seeking (Technical Support/Basic/Enhanced)
  • Name of Principal Instructors/Investigators
  • Other participating departments/institutions (both W&M or abroad)
  • Country or countries involved in the projects
  • Anticipated number of students participating in project
  • Start date for “field work”
  • End date for “field work”
  • Expected date of materials being available for “publication” in Mapping W&M website
  • If traveling abroad, please provide brief outline of on-site logistics including local support, housing, and itinerary

You may also wish to include the following, but these are not required to do so:

  • Pre-production: How much and what types of pre-travel training sessions do you anticipate needing?
  • Is there a 1 credit pre-travel course associated with this project?
  • Is there a 1 credit post-travel course associated or anticipated for completion of projects?

If requesting enhanced project:

  • Is there a particular media specialist who you would like to work with on the project?
  • How long do you anticipate the media specialist will need to be in the field?
  • Include a cost estimate of media specialist travel expenses (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.). Use State Department guidelines if possible.
  • What type of media/data do you anticipate collecting/producing?
  • Do you expect to receive funding from another source? If so, please specify.

We can only support projects to locations that adhere to current William & Mary travel warnings. The Mapping W&M Committee should be ready to award grants no later than February 14, 2014.