Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship (or, MANOS), began in 2006 as a student initiative called Aid to Indigenous Development (AID), and subsequently was called Students for Healthy Communities (or SHC). Undergraduates Lindsay Usry (’08) and Ben Winer (’08), veterans of international medical brigade projects, believed that students could advance community-engaged health and medical efforts in under-served communities . They met with Professor David Aday to discuss ideas about a project that would proceed from academic study to understand health and health care disparities as a basis for pursuing a partnership with a community to promote improved health and health care.

With the help of W&M alumnus, students identified a remote rural region in northern Nicaragua as an area in need of health services. MANOS project efforts began with the establishment of an annual medical clinic in the micro-region of Cuje. Students staffed patient intake and the pharmacy with hired American and Nicaraguan doctors while smaller teams worked with Professor Aday to begin field research to learn about the region and the lives and health needs of the people who live there. The clinic is still held each spring for the whole of Cuje.


Chaguite 2013