Security in Cape Town

Arianna Lyons '16 BBA Marketing

Security in Cape Town by Arianna Lyons   Abstract A research project conducted using the consideration of spatial mapping to investigate what continuities and discontinuities regarding issues of security in the city of Cape Town exist between the era of Apartheid and the present day (to what extent have things changed or remained the same), […]

Discourse on HIV/AIDS in Cape Town

Kattie Whitelaw '14 (L) and Lauren Barbera '15 (R) making a new friend in Langa Township.

Discourse on HIV/AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa in Regards to Apartheid Memory and Reconciliation by Katie Whitelaw and Lauren Barbera   Introduction Our HIV/AIDS project changed dramatically throughout performing our field research in Cape Town, South Africa. We initially thought that this complex problem was actually a simple lack of education. After all, why […]