Security in Cape Town

Arianna Lyons '16 BBA Marketing

Security in Cape Town by Arianna Lyons   Abstract A research project conducted using the consideration of spatial mapping to investigate what continuities and discontinuities regarding issues of security in the city of Cape Town exist between the era of Apartheid and the present day (to what extent have things changed or remained the same), […]

The Internet and Social Media as a Tool for Social Mobilization

“Toma La Calle” y #Nolesvotes en una pared en la calle C/ Canóvas del Castillo

The Internet and Social Media as a Tool for Social Mobilization

by Kimberly Boyce

Social movements have become an important part of Spanish culture as the Spanish public’s displeasure with the government and big business has increased. Massive street protests allow the Spanish public to have their voice heard nationally and internationally and to fight for change. To increase participation and interest in social movements, the internet and social media are modern tools used to connect activists with the Spanish public. This is especially important in Spain because the Spanish public shares more information through the internet and social media than in any other European country. This connection between the internet, social media, and the popular protest increases the probability that a particular movement will succeed in its goals and objectives. This essay studies two different social movements in Spain, the 15M and the Huelga General 14N, and analyzes their similar strategies in the internet and social media. Facebook and Twitter, two social media outlets, will be looked at specifically.